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Back to what triggered this response.

Alicia said:

I don't want to know that my boyfriend, who is supposed to love everything about me, is out ogling chicks at the gym

A Reader Responds:

I disagree because I think it is natural to look, to admire, to appreciate others. He mentions "espescially" at the gym, so I am assuming he is seeing women when they are working out to maintain looks, and most are probably physically attractive. If he were lusting after the librarian (yeah, i know, there are beautiful librarians...), the bus driver, the store clerks, et al, then I would say he is just being a hound.  But to be having fantasies about women when they are attractive and scantily dressed in front of you?  I'd be surprised if he didn't.

Now if he is obsessing and continuing to think of them later...or wanting to pursue relationships, then that is another matter.

"Still lusting after all these years"

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