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Can I call party girl even though I have a girlfriend?



I disagree – we all make mistakes.

Dazed & Confused-

You Don't Deserve Her

You do not deserve a girlfriend.

You Can't Love After 2 Months


You're clearly jealous of him.

First of all, how much can you love someone after 2 months?



It's possible for a man to love someone and want another girl.

It's not love, its lust.



I agree, but would you say the same thing to a woman?

If you commit to a person but have to scam on other people (after only 2 months???) you don't belong with either girl.

Alicia You Make Me Sick


I agree – it IS disgusting.

It makes me sick to my stomach that people like you exist and then you write to this panel with the hope that we'll tell you it was okay to cheat on the girl that you "love" and that its okay for you to be "friends" with the girl you messed around with.


Well, sometimes things just happen.

I hope that by now, your girlfriend has already suspected that you cheated on her and has already dumped you so you don't have to do any work.


Aren't you being harsh? Communication is the key.

Now you can focus on more presssing things, like hooking up with strangers at parties and surfing the 'Net for advice on what to do about all the girls you fall in love with simultaneously. 


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