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Can I call party girl even though I have a girlfriend?

Alicia said:

...your girlfriend has already suspected that you cheated on her...

Reader "Ms. Gogenboggle" Responds:

I kinda agree and kinda don't, because things happen and sometimes you don't mean for them to.

Tell Your Girlfriend

If you truly love your girlfriend, then you need to tell her what has happened and explain things to her the best you can.

Maybe it won't work out the way you want it to, but you shouldn't have gotten in a bad situation in the first place where you could even want to like someone else. Expecially if you love your girlfriend.

Try explaining things and give her time to think about everything. Maybe if you're lucky, she will be forgiving – but the thing is you can't do it to her again.

Hopefully things will turn out the way they should. That doesn't mean you will get either girl, though.

Also, when you say you did stuff and you don't want your girlfriend to know, well, if you love your girlfriend like you say you do, it would kill you to keep it from her and hopefully you have told her by now.

I just hope this doesn't happen again.

Thanks for trying my point of veiw!

– Ms. Gogenboggle



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