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Anonymous Camera Operator asks:

Dear Panel:


I want to make whoopie but (my) wife (is) not in mood...what do I Do?

Alicia Answers:

Dear Anonymous Camera Operator-

"whoopie"? He must stop watching '60's shows


Maybe your wife would find you more attractive if you didn't refer to sex, a very intimate thing for most women, as

Men just don't understand how women view sex

hopeTinL.gif 'Whoopie".  You are not only making yourself sound old, but generally to women it is the same as any other derogatory reference to sex like

You're right, he should refer to it as a "good deed".

singletin2.gif"getting laid", "porking",  "boning", etc. 

Once you get through sensitivity training, part one, let your wife know that you enjoy making love to her.

Let her know that you want to make love to HER specifically

readerTF.gif Let her know that you want to be intimate with her instead of drooling at the thought of your own orgasm.  Maybe she's feeling ugly or fat, or maybe she's just bored. 

Be creative, but not beyond her realm of possibilities, and let her know that not only do you want to make love to her, but that you love her, and she shall be swooning.  If it doesn't work, some wine and a massage usually do the trick for me.


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