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Saugi writes:

I have been dating the girl of my dreams. This is a woman that I see as the mother of my children and even my soulmate.yellbut.gif

Problem is, I can't stop looking and lusting at other girls, especially in the gym that I workout at.

Hope Answers:

If you have found your soulmate and a woman that is so special you want to spend your life with her, you are truly blessed! What a mistake you would be making to continue to lust after other

Look but don't touch

readerT.gif women.

Women place immeasurable value on being loved and appreciated, and the security that comes from a committed relationship

Why discard a good man just for his private thoughts?

.readerTF.gif If you think the looking and lusting have gone unnoticed and have caused no harm up to this point

But everyone does it

, singletin2.gifI can assure you that it will eventually be a problem in your relationship. We KNOW when you are looking, and a smart woman would not put up with it.

You Are Focusing on the Wrong Qualities

I think the real root of the problem is deeper. If you are looking and lusting at other women, you are focusing on outward qualities (looks) instead of what really matters, which is a deeper personal and spiritual compatibility that will carry you through your life together. Or perhaps you have not really learned to be content with what you have, and are looking for "greener pastures."

It's always better to work out things instead of giving up on them.

The fact is, the grass is greener where you water it. You will never be able to have a satisfying and committed


readerT.gifrelationship with the best, or most beautiful woman in the world - no one - unless you first learn to appreciate what is yours and NOT to lust after what does not belong to you. Appreciate and love your future mate, and stop looking for something better to come along! If your heart is always wandering to someone else, you will never be satisfied, even when you get that person you were longing for. What happens when the next object of lust comes along? You will suddenly find yourself lusting for another, and the process will start all over again.

The only solution is to FIND A WAY to stop looking and lusting, even if it means completely removing yourself from the situations in which you are tempted. For example, if there is a particular woman at your gym that causes you to "stumble," finds another gym, or buy a home gym. Granted, you can not avoid pretty women for the rest of your life, but don't put yourself in a situation that could potentially harm your relationship.

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