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Lonely Heart asks:

Here I find myself back in the dating game after being married for 13 years, separated one. I am a 34 year old male, father of two wonderful kids, 11 year old boy and 12 year old daughter. Kim was my High School sweetheart and my first true love. REJECTION is a major issue here since she is the one that asked for the DIVORCE. After a year, yellbut.gifloneliness kind of sets in and get old quick. I am totally lost in the single scene.

Hope Answers:

It sounds like you may not belong in the dating game at all at this point.


Dating Would Be Infidelity

Since you are separated and NOT divorced, you are still married. Technically, dating someone else would be infidelity. Perhaps you should turn those dating energies into winning your wife back. It is not too late.


You Could Get Back

I have heard of MANY couples who have been separated and then gotten back together after some time apart. In fact, despite the way things look, she may be waiting to see just how serious you are about your relationship. Maybe she wants to see if you will pursue her. Or maybe not - that's for you to judge. Anyway, I think people give up just too easily these days. A commitment should mean something, and if it doesn't to her, then at least you can know that you gave it your best effort.

Now, assuming that by now the divorce is final, it still sounds like you may not be ready for the "dating gam

NO one should be in the "dating game."

emaretin.gif." If you are feeling confused, rejected, and overwhelmed by the whole thing, then maybe you should wait a little while until you are ready for another relationship. For now, you could invest your time and love in your kids, who probably need you more than ever! I can imagine how "lost" they must

full of bull

readerT.gif feel, too.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in - dating or not, single or divorced, you should consider developing a close relationship with God. He is the only one who can truly fulfill the needs you have to be loved and accepted. Even the best relationship or marriage in the world can't truly give you lasting peace and contentment in your life. People will always let us down in some way or another, so He is the only one you can depend on.


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