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Looking for Love asks:

What are some good places to meet significant others? Besides a typical bar environment. I am thinking aboutyellbut.gif someone who will be seeking a more serious relationship?

Hope Answers:

 Church Is A Great Place To Meet Singles


But when I'm at church I'm looking for God, not a date.

I think church is a great place to meet other singles and potential friends, too!  While there is no guarantee that the people you meet at church actually live by the values taught by the church, the chances are much greater

According to our survey: church ties with bars

. sensTin.gifPlus, the time you spend there can do more than just lead you to a potential mate. You will have opportunities to be enriched personally and spiritually in the process.

Some churches offer a Singles ministry in

That is just one possibility.

maretin.gifwhich they participate in social activities together. This gives you a chance to get to know someone in the safety of a larger group. In fact, I met my husband in our church. Having a spiritual basis for our

You're contradicting yourself

readerTF.gif relationship was very important to us, and we knew right away that we had similar values and beliefs. It was a perfect place to cultivate a relationship.

Not everyone is Christian


One more thing... I spent many years "looking" for a husband, with no success. It really wasn't until I stopped looking and enjoyed being single that God brought him to me. Maybe you need to find something you really enjoy and that will make a difference in the world and pour your heart into it. In the process, your path may cross with someone who shares that same passion.

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