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Looking in Phoenix asks:

I just met a really nice guy who just broke up with his girlfriend of 2+ years a little over a month ago.  I am ready for a longer term relationship. We didn't intend to start dating but we both really like each other.  I am concerned that I will become the rebound person.  We have discussed these concerns and he is concerned about the same thing, but says he really wants to keep seeing me anyway. yellbut.gif Should I be concerned or does it just work out sometimes even after a break up from a long term relationship? 

Hope Answers:

I think the key here is to be cautious and to take it slowly!

Be careful and time will tell

readerTF.gifThe fact that he broke up with her is a good sign. However, you need to realize that this could be a rebound relationship, even if he says it isn't. We don't always know what our motivation is.

I Kidded Myself

Believe me, I have done the rebound thing before - on both sides of the fence - without really knowin

But, no relationship is guaranteed

gsingletin2.gif it. I had convinced myself that I was "ready" for another relationship, but in reality it was just a whole lot easier to erase the pain with the other relationshi

Maybe it had more to do with sex

paliciaLtin.gif. On the other side, I have also convinced myself that my new love was truly interested in me, that his feelings for me were genuine, and that he was "over her," only to be disappointed and hurt when he went back to her months later.

You might want to ask him why he broke up with his past girlfriend. That might lend some insight into the situation, and also give you a clue about what he is looking for in a woman. And regardless of whether it is a rebound relationship or not

slow is the key

,maretin.gif time has a way of revealing the real person, and the real motivations, so I would advise you to take it slowly. Establish a good friendship first, before getting too romantically involved. This will enable you to lay the foundation for a strong relationship, and make it easier to extract yourself gracefully if you suspect later that you might be the victim of a rebound.

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