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Anonymous Camera Operator asks:

Dear Panel:


I want to make whoopie but (my) wife (is) not in mood...what do I Do?

Hope Answers:

You need to figure out why your wife is not in the mood.  In fact, create the mood!

For women, sex is much more of an emotional event than for men. For women, sexual desire often starts with the tender

right on, is it that  hard for men to understand?

aliciaLtin.gif words spoken at breakfast, the little note left in her purse, the romantic dinners, the efforts you make to help her with things that are important to her, etc.

I would suggest two things:

  • First, temporarily forget about sex -- just for a moment

    He is trying to have sex, not forget about  it. Have you tried the religious approach?

    singletin2.gif -- and focus on making sure your wife feels loved, accepted, and admired (physically) by you. Attend to her needs emotionally, spiritually, and materially. (For example, maybe she is just tired because she needs more help around the house??) When she feels attractive and is assured that she is loved and appreciated, then I guarantee she will get in the mood a lot faster! But be sure you are not doing these things only for the purpose of getting something in return (she will see right through that). Do it to show your love for her, with a sincere heart. No woman I know can resist genuine acts of love and service from her husband. It is romantic, and yes, it is even sexy!
  • Second, realize that she

    Romance won't work once you are married

    readerT.gifprobably does not get turned on as quickly as you do. Create an atmosphere of romance, and then slowly turn up the heat! Talk to her to find out what does turn her on.

    If all else fails... try a sex therapist

    maretin.gifDon't expect her to jump into bed at the drop of a hat and instantly get in the mood; take time to ignite the spark. Passion must sometimes be cultivated!

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