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Desperately in love in San Diego asks:

I am a very shy person who is in love with her boss.  I have been woking with him for awhile now and my job does not seem to be getting any easier. HE DRIVES ME CRAZY!  yellbut.gifCrazy is good, but I am not able to concentrate at work when he is around.  He has no idea how I feel.  Please help!  What should I do?

Lefty Answers:

ARE YA KIDDING??  This might have been a title in a Boffo comic trip, maybe: "Shy Little Brained People in the Land of Business". 

Ok, maybe I am being too harsh.  Maybe you have determined that there are no suitable, eligible males on the planet who are worthy of your affections other than your boss. 

I agree, but lighten up

mfcctin.gifMaybe you have never heard of the theories which indicate that people with low self-esteem gravitate to people in power and unequal, unhappy relationships.

Not evryone works in a cubicle.

sensTin.gif Maybe you haven't heard of  the common sense adage of "not dipping your pen in company ink" or are unable to relate that to "not doing your boss".

Yes, you are right, "crazy" is good.  I cannot tell you how many times I fantasize each day about my co-workers, my ex-girlfriend, my current interest, and my right hand.

  But self-restraint is the key here.  I do not have to act on my craziness at work.  I have the ability to compartmentalize my craziness, and even pretend to concentrate on my work every now-and-then.  And you know what, SO DO YOU!

One thing you can do when you feel you're being driven crazy, is to turn your computer off in the middle of your work.  That should take your mind off your boss.  Or maybe make a phone call to your family.  That always makes ME so crazy I forget about any other entanglements I can get into.

Do Not Get Involved with Your Boss

Ok, listen up, girlfriend.  It is NOT a good thing to

It happened to me

hopeTinL.gifget involved with your boss.  There are so many bad things that I can think of just off the bat, that it's making me dizzy.  If the relationship goes south, what are you going to do?  If your boss doesn't think of you in that special way & you make your move, what are you going to do?  Do you want to spend eight hours of every day with someone you're trying to develop a relationship with?

Not everyone is married to thier job

  geektin.gifDo you think it's easy to have a working relationship AND a friendship relationship with someone?  What will you do when you want time to yourself?

There are TONS of guys out there who are not your boss.  It's true.  I'm sure of it.  They're always in my way when I'm trying to meet babes.  Sometimes they're even trying to dance with my current squeeze.  I know that they're out there looking for the shy women who will treat them right.  I don't know about you, but when it's quitting time at work, I feel energized, I wake up, I get out and hit the softball field, or dance club, or whatever.  But I don't bring my boss along because he's married, he's not my type or gender desire, and MOST OF ALL,

You think like a guy

readerT.gifhe's my BOSS!

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