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Back to what triggered this response.

Lefty said:

ARE YA KIDDING??  This might have been a title in a Boffo comic trip, maybe: "Shy Little Brained People in the Land of Business"...

A Reader Responds:

i am reacting adversly to your general thought process.  you THINK just like a bad, ya need to think like a womyn. 

u are full of it--it's a case by case thing idiota.  YOU are a control phreek, who just looks for good excuses--but i accept that--it's YOUR thing lambchop. Actually, i do hate to waste all this nice white surface and i feel like "venting" somemore w u.  Now here's the thing, i am very fedup w u and would like to "reclaim" (emphasis added) my life and it does not appear that i will be able to do this w/o u removing yourself from my force field--i find what u do OFFENSIVE (emphasis added) Need i say anymore.


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