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Dear Panel:

 I have been dating my current girlfriend for 2 months and we both love each other.  We're very  compatible and I love it.  However, recently at a party, I met another girl, and we both fell for one another as well.  She knows I already have a girlfriend, but I would like to see her.  We did do some stuff at the party that I don't want my girlfriend to find out about, but would it be bad to give this new girl a call and maybe do something just friends? yellbut.gif

 Dazed & Confused

Lefty Answers:

Well Dazed, it doesn't seem like you are comfortable with what you did with girl #2 at the party.  And yet you think you will be comfortable making a date with her and making an effort to be alone with her.  As a friend.  Uh...I'm a little uncomfortable with the logic here.  It reminds me of new age TV commercial logic.  Anyways, I know this is a novel idea, but have you thought of

He doesn't deserve either of them

aliciaLtin.gif discussing your feelings/relationship with your current girlfriend/lover?

Ok, this really is not as easy as I am presenting it.  It is always tough to discuss serious relationship topics when you yourself are not sure of your feelings.  And when it can affect your future/life.  But I feel that this is what a mature person would do--respect his significant other enough to discuss these important subjects instead of running around behind her back.  After all, the old time-honored question, "what would you want HER to do if your roles were reversed" probably is something you should be asking yourself.

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