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Dear Panel:

 Im considering leaving my husband for the man of my dreams.  I met him here..on the net.  I love him dearly and yellbut.gifhe feels the same.  Am I wrong to want true happiness?

Lefty Answers:

Of course not!  Go for it!  All people who are made up of bits and bytes, can travel through telephones, and starred in the movie "Tron" should give up everything and elope with others that they met on the net. 

Oh, wait, you're NOT only electrons?  Oh, my mistake.  Well

Check out what our survey said about meeting someone over the net

sensTin.gif then, maybe I need more information.  Do you have kids (little branch alternate personnel packages)?  What is your relationship like with your husband?  Have you ever met your net honey?  Have you talked about this type of thing with your husband?  Have you gone to counseling?

I would like to know more about your specific situation, but two general rules may apply:

I agree there, there are many things to consider


1) Even though **I** am a programmer, I believe that getting to know someone on the net is not a full-life experience.  You do not get physical, oral, and other myriad cues from net

Internet relationships can be very dangerous

hopeTinL.gif interaction that you get from face-to-face interaction.  Although an opposing argument can be offered, I believe that getting to "know" someone on the net can be very misleading.

2) It is a natural inclination to romanticize the unknown, to

See what I think about new vs. old relationships

maretin.gif prefer the new over the old.  But when the new becomes the old, then what do you have?

There are many, many net people who you will eventually meet if you keep surfing.  I wonder if you will "connect" with many more netizens over the years.  This particular plan of dumping your husband seems ill-advised, but who am I to stand in the way of the man of your dreams.

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