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Anonymous Camera Operator asks:

Dear Panel:


I want to make whoopie but (my) wife (is) not in mood...what do I Do?

Lefty Answers:

First of all, Anonymous

That's not the type of communicatin that I would recommend

,readerTF.gif if your wife knew that you were putting this out on the web for millions of surfers to look at,  perhaps she could be pressured into it.

Nah, that probably wouldn't work.  She's probably used to that

you nasty little...

hopeTinL.gif approach.  You haven't been trying to film your various activities, have you?

This is a good idea

readerT.gif  That usually puts a damper on my partners, but then they don't think I'm a professional.

The Religious Approach

Ok, ok, ok.  Have you tried telling her that it's a mitzvah to do it on Saturdays?  That can sometimes work (I've been told) with the more Orthodox Jewish wives--they love being told that it's a good deed that they're about to do.

The Romantic Alternative

I agree. I have to accept more responsibility that MY wife won't make whoopie.

If obligation, guilt, pressure, religious, and pecuniary efforts don't work, you might try the old fashioned romantic approach


this should be your FIRST alternative

.maretin.gif  Why not get in touch with what she might want; maybe give her some flowers, take her dancing to a great club, and massage her aching muscles with some body massage oil?  You'll probably have to defend yourself from her ardent response.

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