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Saugi writes:

I have been dating the girl of my dreams. This is a woman that I see as the mother of my children and even my soulmate.yellbut.gif

Problem is, I can't stop looking and lusting at other girls, especially in the gym that I workout at.

Mare Answers:

It's ok to lust.  Even Jimmy

I also think it's OK to lust.

readerT.gifCarter had "lust in his heart" and he's been a good husband to Rosalyn all these years. 

If your soulmate is secure about herself -- and of course, she IS secure about herself or you wouldn't have chosen

Every woman can be made to feel insecure

readerTF.gif her as your soulmate -- she won't mind if your eyes are wandering while you master the Stairmaster. 

Just don't ruin a nice dinner (or anything else) with her by going on and on about the anatomical feature(s) of your lust objects.  Keep that to yourself.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  As a public health professional, I fully endorse exercise for physical and emotional health.

He should stop working out

hopeTinL.gif Therefore, I must advise you that if lusting is keeping you from getting a good work out, the lusting must stop.


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