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Lisa asks:

I have just turned 16 years old, and I have been going out with my boyfriend for 18 months.  I am unsure whether I still love him, I sometimes think that I deserve better, I have cheated on him a few times, but those kisses really didn't mean anything to me.  I have met this guy who is really sweet without trying to be, he is really cute, really funny and has the best personality.  The only yellbut.gifthing is that he is my boyfriends best friend.  Should I kiss this guy, and see what I feel for him, or not?

Mare Answers:


You can't go through your whole life waiting for something better

readerTF.gifsixteen and you're tied down already?  What if you meet Ricky Martin tomorrow and you have to tell him, "Thanks for asking, but I have a boyfriend"?  How frustrating

But, you shouldn't "settle" at 16


I think the better alternative would be to follow my two step recovery plan.

Step 1: Tell your boyfriend that he is really great, but you're no

What good is kissing anyone?

thopeTinL.gif ready to be tied down now.

Step 2: Kiss anyone you want.

Remember to do these two steps in the right order

I am a boy from Indonesia & I agree

.readerT.gif If you jump to Step 2 before you do Step 1, your boyfriend will be really hurt and you'll feel guilty.  Have a great time.

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