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Back to what triggered this response.

Mare said:

If all you are looking for is someone to sleep with they will sence it.

A Reader Responds:

I disagree because...well I should say I don't disagree it just sounded onesided. After my divorce of fourteen years, I was the one that was gun shy, I didn't want to be hurt again. I started making friends anywhere I could my computer became the frist place I went the chat rooms, I felt I needed to start some place and this way I was not comitted to anyone.  I must say this was a great place to start for me.  I found that I was interesting no matter what my x mate said. 

Then came the face to face meetings, I have to say I was scared to death, that I was a failure I found out I wasn't.  Oh the one thing I forgot to say is I started counseling before the break up and tho it was painful I had someone to talk to all the way through the process being a man and asking for counseling and guideance from others was diffacult at first but it isn't that way now.

I am re-married and have a woderful wife that I can talk to even when we are mad about something. signature = The second time around

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