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Looking for Love asks:

What are some good places to meet significant others? Besides a typical bar environment. I am thinking aboutyellbut.gif someone who will be seeking a more serious relationship?

Mare Answers:

My unofficial poll says that these are the best places to meet a potential true love.  Almost everyone I know met their partners at one of these places:
  1. At a friend's house (could be a party or an informal gathering).
  2. Anywhere your friends meet and introduce you to other people.

    But not your boss!

  3. Work or school.  Keep your eyes open when xeroxing, studying, or having lunch.
  4. Special interest groups such as Al-Anon, Pets 911, your neighborhood

    I'm telling you, church is the place.

    hopeTinL.gifassociation, church group, or any other club.

But remember, where you go is not as important as how you go.  You're not going to meet anyone at any of these places unless you're ready and you're OPEN to meeting someone new

I agree - It has happened to me.

.readerT.gif Be open to talking to everyone -- no matter how wacky they seem at first.  Don't think that you're above anyone else.  Have FUN, even if you don't meet anyone -- this makes you attractive to everyone around you

This is the best advice anyone can give.

. readerT.gif

People who approach life this way have lots of chances at love. So go out there and have a great time!

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