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Mare said:

"by not meeting anyone, it makes you more "attractive."

A Reader Responds:

I agree because this summer I worked at an office where I was kind of isolated because of my youth.  I'm 19, however everyone I work with is 40+.  I mean I talk to them, but obviously they won't be grounds for significant other status in my life.  There was a group of younger employees that work directly next to my office section, and for about a month or so it was nothing but stares and hello's as we passed each other in the hall.  Finally one day I found out that they inquired about me, and all I did was keep to myself and everything you said like keep open and such.  Now I go out to lunch w/about 4-5 of them, take breaks w/them and so on.  I learned that sometimes mystery is more attractive than anything, including being outgoing enough to just approach people.

Mystery Me

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