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Charlies Asks:

My name is Charlie and i have this problem. See i have been dating this girl for nearly three years and every thing has been great i thought she was the one i could spend forever with. Until about three months ago we were at this dance and as we were leaving there was this girl who i happened to notice was looking at me and of course I looked back and she kind of smiled. Well my problem is i cant get her out of my head even though i know i would never have a chance at her and i do love my girlfriend but iyellbut.gif dont know if i should try to get in touch with her or not so what should i do?

Mare Answers:

You've seen it in the movies.  A glance across a crowded room.   You can see in her eyes that this is "the one".  Passion and love follow.  Unless you're Julia Roberts, it's probably not going to work that way.

The first thing you've got to do is look at your relationship with "the one you could spend forever with."   Are you getting cold

Check my comments on studying your current relationship

maretin.gif feet because "forever" is a possibility?  Is it time for you to strike out on your own and find yourself?  Your focus needs to be on what you want before you think about other women.

See my answer to Dazed and Confused for more on thinking about your current relationship.

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