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Dear Panel:

 I have been dating my current girlfriend for 2 months and we both love each other.  We're very  compatible and I love it.  However, recently at a party, I met another girl, and we both fell for one another as well.  She knows I already have a girlfriend, but I would like to see her.  We did do some stuff at the party that I don't want my girlfriend to find out about, but would it be bad to give this new girl a call and maybe do something just friends? yellbut.gif

 Dazed & Confused

Mare Answers:

"Just friends", eh?  Are you trying to kid me or yourself?  Start with your existing relationship and decide what you want it to be. 

Is your girlfriend willing to have the kind of relationship where you both date others?  Will the loving relationship you have now deteriorate if you're not monogamous? Do you want it to?

If you chose the "ok to date others" option, how are you going to feel about your girlfriend seeing other men?  Make sure you know the answer to this, because that one can be a real relationship buster.  Only a very few people I know have been able to pull this off and still have a happy, loving relationship.  Maybe you're one of the special few.

By the way, you should come clean about "the stuff" you did at the party. That's going to eat away at you and if your girlfriend

I hope she finds out and dumps him

aliciaLtin.gif finds out, the trust in your relationship will be jeopardized.

And check out what I told Charlie, he had a similar dilema.

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