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Dear Panel:

 Im considering leaving my husband for the man of my dreams.  I met him here..on the net.  I love him dearly and yellbut.gifhe feels the same.  Am I wrong to want true happiness?

Mare Answers:

Leonardo?!?! He is probably some dodgy old man who is into porn.

You didn't give us lot to go on!  Have you met -- I mean in person (i.e. Real World) -- this Leonard di Caprio of the Internet yet?


you're married, so stop looking

  hopeTinL.gifWhy were you looking for love in cyberspace or any space in the first place?  What's going on with you and your husband? If this is a fun, idle flirtation between you and Net-man, then say your good-byes and go back to your R.W. husband who loves you.


you have to study the situation carefully

maretin.gif If things are rotten in your marriage, decide what you want to do about it and deal with that separately. Then, do some thinking on your own before you pursue a potentially disastrous relationship. (Remember, "Titanic" didn't have a happy ending.)

One more thing: If you haven't met Mr. Net in person and you decide to do so, make sure to meet him in a public place and

very good advive Mare

singletin2.gif let someone know where you are.

Tell us what you think grnbut.gif








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