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I'm a 19-year-old, not-particularly-traditional, Chinese Canadian.

My Past Relationships

I've had a couple of relationships, none lasting more than a month and a week. I don't however think that the best advice I could give is based on those relationships. I have learned a lot from them – don't get me wrong – I've just been known to give my best advice from the position of "everybody's single buddy".

You Can't Go Lookin' for Love

My philosophy is that you can't go lookin' for love. It's like when you were young and people used to tell you you not to move around if you get lost so that people can find you. Well, it's the same thing. Go about your life and eventually that friendly face will find you. I don't mean just sit around and do nothing. Don't be afraid to head for the person once they've come into view.

My Younger Viewpoint

I believe I can add to the Panel by bringing a younger person's voice. It seems that most of the panel is comprised of adults well above the age of 25 and most of their advice to those in my age bracket and lower is that they are too young to know what love is.

My Scientific, Analytical Advice

Having taken courses in psychology in college, I also have an slightly more scientific and analytical basis for some advice I would give. Not to say I'm a psychologist, of course.




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