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Carl's Bio:

Well, now I am the big 21. Although I have not taken part in the Big Ten college party scene as much as I did last year, I am still excited to have access to the bars.

Lately I've been concentrating on my schoolwork and it is paying off. I am currently a junior studying economics and finance and doing very well. I have worked several good jobs and hopefully I will be on my way to a great career once I graduate.

My Past Relationships

I have had my fair share of bad relationships. Seems like every girl I've ever been with has been one of my closest friends at the time. And then after I go out with them a couple times, we stop talking to each other all together.

To sum it up, I've had a couple really great relationships, but about 99% of my relationships have not been so memorable. I think girls have a problem dealing with me being such a good guy and being so versatile. I often think that it scares them away.

Between now and the time I first discovered Love & Learn, I have gone from being without a woman, to dating a girl, to having a girlfriend. The girl that I am currently seeing is a blast. We always have something to talk about and we have a lot in common. At one time, she was really skeptical because I was such a great guy to her that she thought I was playing her.

It is really unfortunate in my opinion that girls have these impressions because so many guys mistreat them, and when one guy treats them well they are skeptical. It really drives me crazy that girls can't accept me as just being a nice, considerate, and honest guy. I think that's what people should try to strive for instead of running away from it.

Relationships Are Key

I think that relationships are the key to almost everything. They are experiences where you learn interesting and private feelings of others, but more importantly of yourself. I have learned so much about myself through my relationships with others that it has made me stronger, more confident, and more mature.

The relationships you have with other people teach you how certain interactions make yourself and others feel and learning from these results allow you to improve yourself and others.
Furthermore, the love and attraction that may exist between two people is priceless and immeasurable.

I Know What Guys Do and Why They Do It

I am VERY opinionated. Probably a bit more than most of the panelists. I think I know a bit more about the male personality from all perspectives. I know what guys do and why they do it. I have thought a great deal about the personality, had elaborate talks with others, and read a great deal about it. I think that I have really matured, being only 20 years old.

Although I am not in a solid relationship now, I know I can be a strong voice as a young, single male; especially having experienced a lot of growth as a young person in high school and college.




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