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I am a 24 year-old female who has been through all of the ups and downs of the relationship world.

My current quest is to reconnect with the love of my life who I dated in high school. All of my romantic relationships (save one) have been 4 months or longer, but I also have those guy friends that I can flirt with constantly and still remain friends with all these years later.

I am friendly sarcastic, if such a thing is possible, and give people answers with that twist. Sometimes I need a good slap in the face with a bad relationship to realize what I've had in the past and what I hope to find in the future.

My Philosophy

You can learn something from every relationship...but hopefully without reading the Cliff Notes.

My Point of View

The length of my relationships, as well as my close friendships with primarily men (95%), give me great insight into the boxer-wearing population.


Female, age 24, Florida



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