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Hi! I'm the new panelist formerly known as Hollow, the guest panelist.

I speak two languages, Italian and English. I am very smart and I have received many awards for being a good writer.

I would like to get into a certain High School that I have had my eye on for a while. I would like to continue to do very well in schoool.

My Relationships

I have failed in some relationships and in one it was successful. I have learned a great deal from my faults in previous relationships and I am a good person.

I have had four girlfriends in my life. In my first relationship I was just starting to learn about what it is like to have a girlfriend. It wasn't a very long lasting one and it was more work than fun. My first girlfriend would put me down a lot so I broke up with her.

My second relationship began right after my first. My second relationship was mostly based on looks rather than personality. That relationship also didn't last very long because we had nothing in common.

In my third relationship it lasted nine months. We had a lot in common and she was pretty. In the end though things got bad. She was unfaithful to me and I got very angry and lost my temper.

It was not long after my third relationship when I got my fourth and final girlfriend as of now. This girl I REALLY liked. I liked her for 7 years of my life, we went out for seven great months until I foolishly broke up with her because her friends were giving me a very hard time and she never did anything to make them stop.

As of July 2002, I am in love with a beautiful and loving girl.

If you find someone you love, don't let him/her go.


Male, age 13, USA



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