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Well, I'm a tall red head, and I tend to get all the jerks as boyfriends, but have the greatest friends that are guys.

But that's every girl's story, so here's mine:

Motherless Daughters

My mother passed away in 1998, and the books of motherless daughters always say that girls like me will look for a man to fill their lives, I have learned how true that is over the year and half that my mother has been dead.

I'm known to treat all my boyfriends like gods for the first month, and feel true bliss for that month, and then right around the one month I become very depressed and angered at my soon-to-be-ex boyfriend, and I always break it off. And I feel horrible and lonely for a few days and then I pick myself up and I live my life again.

Relationships Take Time and Effort

I believe relationships don't just start out by being asked out, and or being asked to be steady with someone, I believe that it takes time, and effort to truly have a relationship.

A Brighter Outlook

I believe that some things will work themselves out, and things do need time. I think I have more of a brighter and happier outlook on things than most people.

-- Danni, age 13




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