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I'm a 19-year-old dance major who has a great love of experiencing life as fully as possible.

My Past Relationships

I have been in all sorts of relationships, from the summer fling to the intensity of a serious, long term love. I have many close guy friends, who have kindly offered their experiences to me. However, I've also had the benefit of hearing about my female friends' experiences, many of which mirror mine in some way or another. Currently I am very much in love with a wonderful guy!

No Two Relationships Are the Same

I believe that no two relationships are ever the same. People come into them with a vast variety of experiences, hopes, strengths, and of course weaknesses.

Relationships are an adventure and should be approached with the curiousity of someone who has never been hurt, but the wisdom of someone that has. I don't believe in blocking yourself off from anything unless it will hurt you or is against your beliefs. You never know what you may find behind unexplored doors!

Different Perspectives

Like I said before, everyone has a different set of experiences, hopes, strengths, and weaknesses. I have been in many different relationships with many different types of people, but have also had the benefit of getting different points of view from friends of both genders. I love observing how people interact with others, and offering my thoughts. Everybody needs a bit of a different perspective in their lives once in a while, to keep balance.




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