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I am 19 years old and what you could call a romantic, I enjoy giving candlelight dinners, massages and baths. I have been in several relationships, some of them bad but now I am in a good relationship, I have found my soulmate and I truly have finally found true love. After breaking up with my ex I learned that love can make you blind to everything, so I broke up with her when I realized she was cheating on me. I did not want to see it or know about it, I loved her too much but I had to realize that she was hurting me and that it was time to end it because she was unfaithful.

Every relationship that you get into is a search looking for that one person that completes you and make you whole, can make you smile with a phone call or make you happy beyond belief when you are around that person. Also every relationship is a learning expierence, you learn what love is all about through every heartbreak or every time you fall in love.

I see things from the chivalrous, romantic point of view, I see both sides of the problem, I mean, that I see things as if women should be treated like queens and treated with the upmost respect and if they have a problem, I am more than ha[ppy to aid them and the same thing goes for the guys, I have a slight understanding to how women think and what they want.


male, age 20, USA



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