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Brian's Bio:

I am a 20-year-old community college student, who is transferring to the big, bad Florida State University in the fall.

I was born and raised in beautiful and happenin' (ha) Dayton, Ohio. I went to college in MI for a year, and decided it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life (something about 1,200 people, 90% guys, cold weather, and living in Flint helped my decision). So I packed up with a friend from high school and we busted down to Daytona Beach, Florida. It is one of the best things I have ever done and I NEVER regret my decision.

I've Had Two Real Relationships

I have had two major relationships. One was my first love, who had some SERIOUS problems that I thought I could fix (learned this was next to impossible) and after letting her walk all over me for two months, I moved on.

The other one was my first "real" high-school relationship. We "loved" each other and really had a good time together. We really needed each other when we met, and it was a good situation for 5 months, then we pulled the break up, but not, situation. This added some drama, but we still had a great time together.

Since high school, I have been the one my friends have come to when relationship talk was to be had. I spent a lot of time watching my friends and their relationships and realizing what worked with what personality, and when. Even now, I still advise my friends on relationship tips like how to fix things after an argument, how to surprise the significant other, how to deal with moving away, and how to deal with them ending.

I also have a few girl friends who I talk to about their choices in guys. I put my two cents in on why they date assholes, why they dislike the truly nice guys, and why they feel the way they do.

I feel, as well as almost everyone who has come to me, that I give good advice on relationships. However, I will admit that I am the LAST person in the world to realize what is going on with MY relationships. As much as I love talking about relationships, all of my great advice is locked in a vault that I cannot access for my own personal use. I am working on breaking the combination to the vault, but it is a slow process.

Serious Relationships Aren't Good For Young'uns

My philosophy on relationships changes depending on the situations. When the population is young and going through things such as high school and college, a true serious relationship is not really a good thing.

I believe that it is EXTREMELY hard to decide on a person to spend serious time with, because so many things are changing in their lives that they have NO CLUE what kind of person they need to be looking for. How can one know what kind of person they want to spend their life with when they don't even know themselves?

So much changes in life, trying to find someone who can roll with and fit into these changes is next to impossible. Building a career, going to school, meeting so many other people, leaving school, and changes inside are just a few examples of reasons why long-term relationships are hard to make work at a young age.

I'm Not Against Young Relationships

I am not AGAINST young relationships in any way. A relationship is an extremely good way to learn more about one's likes, dislikes, plans, and even themselves.

Sometimes it takes dating someone and observing their personality traits to realize that it is not desirable. Relationships help fine-tune what interests are desirable. Relationships among older people all have to be looked at depending on their situations. Many things can alter what should be done.

My point of view is different because it is my own. Every person has had unique relationships and learned from them in different ways. They have all taken different information away from them. So I definitely believe my point of view is different from some of the other panelists. Sure, there are plenty of views we may have in common, but all of our advice will have it's own twists.




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