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Hey, I have had it tough in relationships.

My Boyfriend Left Me To Date My Friend

In one of my recent relationships, I went out with this guy for about a year and we were going good until one of my friends started flirting with him and he fell in love with her. I felt bad but tried to ignore it and remember that we were going to stay together for ever. Well, we didn't – he broke up with me for my friend. He asked her out and she said "No".

I have learned that you need to worry at least a little bit about your partner and if he or she is drifting away from you talk or do something about it.

I Learned Not To Get Even

Another relationship I had was my boyfriend just started doing drugs and I found out that he was going out with another girl. I got mad and broke up with him. But I was cheating on him, too. I had never told him and was sad and angry with myself after I broke up with him. Then we went out again and he said he was sorry but I wanted to get even so we went to the movies and in the middle of the movies I said I was going to get a drink but instead I started making out with one of my guy friends and my boyfriend walked by and saw me. He said it was over and that getting even was the stupidest thing. I should have never done that because he loved me a lot.

I learned not to cheat or get even because it's not worth it.

I Give Good Advice

I know that relationships are tough and that they may never go the way as planned. Guys and girls can go too far. I also know that relationships are confusing, hard, etc. I think that I would be a good panelist because I am easy to talk to and very very understanding and give very good advice.

Have Sex If You Want

I think that cheating is wrong. You should have sex if you want to and don't be pressured to anything you don't wanna do.

– Catalina

Female, age 13, USA



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