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Jen's Bio:

I'm 22-years-old, been through 2 unforgettable relationships that changed my perspective in life. The first is the funny one, it lasted only a week.

Yet why would I call it unforgettable? Well it's my first valentine's date, we're both thirteen then. And guess what I received as a valentine's gift? A big human stool figure with a saying attached "Since I can't give you and expensive gift, I made one myself"! What a whacko. I dumped him right after the meal. From that moment on, I had a phobia dating boys my age.

My Relationship

Seriously wicked and untamed would best describe me. I usually get involved with bad boys which I dreamt of changing. I used to want to have the last say in everything especially  in a relationship.

I hate jerks, especially boys who think they can get away with playing from one girl's heart to another. But they can't away from me. A guy who I learned has been two timing with me was beaten up by my new guy. Moral lesson, "Not all girls are sissy."

However things seem to caught up with me, my new guy who I'd just said yes to for the sake of beating up my past boyfriend, has been most ardent in keeping me by his side.  

After six years of being with him, I took things much for granted. He proposed to me two times but I declined. Finally, on the sixth year just when the word marriage has been starting to form in my mind, I found out he was seeing someone else.

But luckily the 7th year was the turning point. For the third time he proposed and I finally said yes! Looking back, I know that everything happens for a reason. Experience will always be our greatest teachers in life. Amen.

My Philosophy

Two halves doesn't make a whole. But two whole persons makes a loving relationship. A perfect and mature relationship is formed by two people complementing each other while maintaining their own personality. It is not meant for two people who simply complete one another and attach their whole being to the relationship thereby losing their own personality.

My Point of View

When you are the one giving the advice, you know what's the right thing to do and what's wrong, am sure those who are seeking advice know it too. Yet why is it that when you're the one facing the problem, it seems so hard to just follow the right thing?

I have what some people may call a sixth sense. I know the right thing to do yet sometimes , there's this great force pushing me to trust my instinct. And mind you, it works. I believe it's God's spirit working in us.

I view things in this kind of perspective yet I still allow a bit of my intuition to run through me. At least I'd say it's better to give it a try than to wonder forever if you made the right decisions.

This viewpoint will prevent you from saying the "what if" and " what might have been " words. With that, you wouldn't have any regrets moving on and starting a new and better phase of relationship with another person.




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