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I'm a 20-year-old gal who has been in a few odd relationships, from the smelly ones to the plain out boring ones.

I have failed in a few relationships and been successful in others. Last time I checked I was human.

I love dancing, helping friends with their love lives as well as finding a love for my life, I'm outgoing, funny, crazy at times and all round nice gal!

My Philosophy

If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours. If it doesn't it was never yours to begin with. I also believe in "Do onto others as you have others do on to you."

If you are with someone you should be faithful if not then you don't deserve love.

About Sex

Sex is not the most important part of a good relationship. Sure it helps, but base your love on more than sex and you will go far.

I believe that everyone has something to say and mine is just as unique as the next. I believe in doing what's right. My mum brought me up that way and that's what I live by.




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