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Hello all you Love and Learn Fans!

I am 14 year old girl. I know that I am a little young, but I feel that I would/could be a great addition to your panel.

Now about myself. As I said I am a 14 year old girl. I have been in 3 serious (even though I am only 14 and you would probably not call them serious) relationships. The first was when I was 13, and the second was at the age of 14. My first relationship, was pretty much like anyone's first relationship. It was very new to me, and like most I was not to sure what to do. I was not too "experienced", but to me that doesn't matter.

My First Relationship

I think that being together (at my age) is about having fun, I don't think that it should be about sex, but that is my opinion. In the the first relationship, I was very shy, and quiet at first,but things were good, we were more like best friends after a while, but I could never kiss him or even hold his hand, but he didn't care, we were too good of buds. I ended that because he was more like my brother than my boyfriend. But we did go out for 8 months.

My Second Relationship

The second relationship was doomed from the start. I barely knew him. We barely talked, but it lasted for 5 months (with minor breakups in between). I don't know why I let it last that long. He just wanted sex from me and I was not willing to do that. He told me on the Internet that he wanted sex, and he couldn't even tell me in person, I fell for the guy on the Internet and not the guy in person. He finally ended that because all of his friends didn't have girlfriends anymore, so it wasn't " cool " to have one. I was really sad, but I got over it.

A New Guy

Now I am seeing this new guy – we are still shy with each other at personal moments, but he is very very sweet. He writes me poems, and he sends me emails everyday just to say "hi" or, "you look really pretty today"! This has gone on for 2 months, and I hope that it does not stop anytime soon.

Your Heart Is Almost Always Right

You have to be comfortable with the person to be in a relationship with them. If you have any doubts, then you probably shouldn't be in them , and you heart is almost always right.

I hate it when people say "you'll get over him" and stuff like that. I would like to be able to help them, give them ideas for the next relationship. I find that some of your panelists are....rude.

I was hoping to help the younger generation, like on a kid-to-kid, teenager-to-teenager basis. I was also hoping to give the older generation a younger person's view. I am honored to be a guest panelist on this page,  and I hope that you will enjoy my feedback.

Keri Russel said that it was her favorite website, and now it's mine, too :)

Thank You




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