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I'm 15 and have been in 3 serious relationships. Two of them were successful. One was not. My non-successful relationship was with a guy I liked at first and then ended up despising him.

When I Was Treated Right, It Worked

In my successful relationships I was treated like I was worth more than life itself. They all ended of course, but then again, all relationships end sometime in a teens' life!

Communication Is Important

My philosophy of relationships is that being in a relationship means communicating and understanding the other persons point of view. I think that both parties should talk about what they want to get out of their relationship. They need to understand and be understanding with their lovers' emotions.

My point of view is different because I believe in communicating more than making out or "fooling" around. I believe that everybody has their opinion and have the right to be heard.

I Want To Be An English Teacher

My future goal is that I want to be an English teacher. My ultimate fear is that I might be alone. My dad died 2 years ago and I have a stepdad and a new baby brother.

I just made a new friend with the guy I have a crush on. I have several friends and I have one best friend that has helped me through thick and thin. I have plenty of experience in love and relationship




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