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I am a 26 year old man recently settled in my native country. I left when little to attend boarding school in England. I find I have experienced a very colourful life; growing up in two very different cultures i.e. the culture of the occident in my adopted home and the culture of the orient in my native home which I revisited on holidays during the summer.

My relationships?

...Well, they have been a gradual, scattered process of evolution, which got better as I discovered what it is that I want out of life and love. Not being labelled a Casanova, and neither a shy wallflower, I have had a fair number of relationships with girls from differing cultures.

Paint Your Paradise

Kazantzakis said "You have your brush and colours. You paint paradise and then you go". I feel that as we get older, what we seek out most is acceptance, particularly from that special person, that "significant other". I believe that if you want to paint paradise you must be honest and gentle with yourself and in turn it will radiate onto the person you love.

My Point of View

A gentler perspective than most men would care to admit (but I hope you don't interpret this as arrogance, which it is not).


Male, age 26, Sri Lanka



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