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Maryanne's Bio:

Hi and hello to all the people out there! I am Maryane and I am 15-years-old.

I'm A Born Again Christian

I am a Born-again Filipino Christian but I live here in Jeddah. I study in a Filipino school and I have lots of friends. I love giving advice to people who are heartbroken, very shy to tell the girl how much he loves her.

Even my guy friends count on me when it comes to these
kinds of situations. I also love writing, reading, and my most favorite thing to do is SING!

I'm In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, I can admit that I never been to thousands of them. I am only in one relationship now and I enjoy it so much. We enjoy each other's company.

Like other people, we have our own differences but we understand it. This relationship I am in now is quite difficult, and quite wrong. But I believe that there is no wrong in love.

Love Is A Risk

Love is a risk, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but whether itís right or wrong, love has no room for mistakes, only lessons!

I Love Kids

I love taking care of kids. I love playing with them and make them smile. For me little kids are innocent people. You should not harm them coz they are the ones that needs tender care, soft touches, warm kisses, comforting hugs, and lots of advice. They should be well taken care of, because they are the future of our world.

My greatest fear in life is not having a good life in the coming future. You know, not having a good paying job, a house that is mine, my own bank account, and a family that I could call my own.

Studying is really boring for me but whenever this comes to mind, I take the boring word out of my mind and focus on my studies.

Helping people with their problems is a big achievement for me. I am really willing to give you my opinions.

This site is really cool! So once again this is Maryanne your panelist, and your FRIEND!




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