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Natalie's Bio:

I'm big boned (fat) chick with an ever changing standpoint on the politics of a relationship. My own relationships have ranged from just being friends in a relationship, just being lovers, through actually being in love.

My Current Guy Baffles Me

I fancy myself to be an independant person with independant thought. That would be why my current relationship baffles me. I am currently with a guy who is my complete and total oposite.

I can see that we aren't meant to be together forever, which is what he thinks, but this relationship will always be over shadowed by my last relationship.

He Never Said I Was Beautiful

I dated "J" for about a year and a half. I loved him very much and I will always love him.I ended it with J because as much as I loved him, and as much as I wanted to be with him always, the relationship itself wasn't working.I felt smothered, a common problem with me, and J never told me I was beautiful.

Not that I fish for compliments, but I mean beautiful in spirit, a beautiful soul. Nothing. I was hot or sexy or pretty...pretty, the fat girls' beautiful. It meant, "you would be beautiful if you weren't overweight."

Men Are Pigs

My philosophy is this: men are pigs and can't help themselves.They need women to become better, but nowadays women have become so complacent that men remain pigs forever.

Women Are Too Giving

Women are too giving. They take in too much of mens pain, suffering, and macho crap. Women now beleive that they need to catch a man, and for that, they will sacrifice their standards, their beliefs, and their free will. Even I am guilty of this.

My opinions change a lot. I hate men one minute, and love them the next. I think I'll be honest from a different view point of relationships.When I read the things people write to Love & Learn, I put myself into their place.I empathize with them. I try to think, not about what I myself would do, but what I would hope I'd do.




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