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This is one of the questions that I always have trouble answering. It can never give you a real picture of who the person that writes is.

But if you insist to know-I am 23 years old, musician, and a big fan of art in any shape it can appear.

I had couple of relationships in my life which I learned from and I am thankful for.

My Philosophy

If it doesn't make you a better person, if you look at the person you are with and you don't feel lucky that you are the one they chose to be with, and they feel just the same about you, if you are not willing to change yourself to make your partner happy, without asking anything for return- I am sure you are wasting your time, and there is someone better along the line that is waiting for you.

I can't promise you that I'll give you a different and unique solution , I'll give you the solution that I would have used if I were you.


Female, 23, Israel



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