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London to Yorkshire

I live in London, United Kingdom at the moment with my family, but I am going up to university in a few months up north to Yorkshire. I am finishing my last year at High School, at which I am currently studying French, Physics and Maths, where the exams are piling up!!

New Zealand and France

I am also a New Zealand citizen as my father was born there (all those years ago!!!) We unfortunately only get to go there every two years. My mother is "born and bread British" and I therefore have quite a varied background. We travel to France regularly as we have a holiday home there and I have therefore studied French for 11 years!!

My Dream Profession

I have had a profound interest in music from a very early age; I started learning the piano, then the clarinet and have decided to take this interest further. I started building a studio a few years back and have gradually (due to an extremely small budget!!!) increased its size and quality. I shall be studying for a degree in Music Technology and Sound Recording in order to work in my dream profession, a sound engineer and hopefully even a record producer!
I am looking forward, but with lots of apprehension, to the future!

My Relationship

I have a long-term relationship at the moment, which is very close to my heart, I am desperately hoping that we can get through university whilst still being together and in love!




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