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I'm currently a 25-year-old university student who is still figuring out his plans for life.

My Relationships

My relationships have been varied and always interesting, ranging from one week (it was good for the first two days) to nearly three years long distance.

During that time I have been trusted, betrayed, loved dearly, cared for, cheated on, felt depressed and suffered great moments of tenderness.

For the first time in my life I am truly glad to be single, and not just saying that as a way to cover up how bad I truly feel. I believe that my greatest skill is to make my partners feel special and loved, even if we are no longer together.

My Philosophy

Relationships are the most dynamic part of life, and as such I try to appreciate the good and bad aspects. Not everyone you fall in love with will stay around forever, while some people will surprise you by how close they become.

A good relationship will enhance your life, and should not be used as a way of covering up for other deficiencies, such as low self-esteem.

Let's Get To The Issues

I believe that it is very important to acknowledge the "dark side" of relationships, as well as the good stuff.

Insecurities, broken hearts and jealousy should be treated as a natural part of the relationship process, not things that need to be avoided like lepers.




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