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Age and Wisdom

First of all, (feel free to freak out) I am only 17. One's obvious and general reaction to this fact is "she's still a kid, and she doesn't know anything." Most people believe that wisdom comes with age -- but I have known some pretty stupid 40 year olds in my day. With that said and done, let's move on, shall we?

"Real" Relationships

Yes, I'll have to agree with you. Most of the relationships I have had have not really been "for real". Obviously "for real" relationships include two people over 20 and a lot of sex -- because those are the only two characteristics my relationships have lacked.

My Philosophy:

There are three things I have discovered about relationships.

  1. He (or she I suppose) doesn't have to be your boyfriend (girlfriend) husband (wife) or even significant other to have a relationship with him/her. Relationships are not based on getting to home base -- but rather on trust and comfort.

  2. Exes make the best best friends, and if they don't then maybe you are dating the wrong people.

  3. Just cause you have nothing in common doesn't mean it won't work.

Present Relationships

From what I have read from the other panelists, all their advice is centered on having a relationship now, and how it will and can work. Sometimes relationships just don't work -- and sometimes the only way to salvage a relationship is to (heaven forbid I should say it) "just be friends." Being friends isn't a bad thing, and can sometimes turn out better then the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship was. It's not bad to just be friends.

Growing Up Mormon

I also grew up strict LDS, and I have quite a different view than most of the panelists on sex before marriage and how far a relationship should go how fast. I think I would be a nice addition -- even though you already have a "young 'un" running around here.



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