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Spanky's Bio:

I'm 28, male, engaged and excited about it.

Prior to this engagement, I've been in about half a dozen relationships, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to several years. Most of the women I dated were from -4 to +7 years my age. I'd say I've had pretty well-rounded experience without being too whorish.

I Waited For "The One"

While relationships have come and gone, my philosophy remained pretty much the same. I truly wanted to find "the one" and would continue to search for her until I did, but making sure I had fun meeting new people along the way.

My Point of View

First of all, I'm a guy. I don't see many male panelists on the site. I also tend to tell things like it is. At times I can be blunt, but I always make sure my advice is grounded and logical.

I also think about what's good for the individual, and not necessarily the relationship per se, so my responses can get "interesting."




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