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Hanna's Bio:

I am a teenager who loves to read and write. Both of those, inculding art, have been my passion in life.

The Real World Is Tough

But growing up in a religious environment and after graduating from an all-girl Catholic School, facing the new world with arms wide open is tough.

And yet it never stopped me from getting hurt, from learning and from dusting off everything that held me down. 

Learn From Your Mistakes

Being in a relationship, is a commitment to love each other. But loving doesn't mean that you don't get hurt. When you get hurt it is a part of learning and instead of crying over what has happend we should be happy it happend and make sure we do better the next time around.

And talking about relationships with friends is my specialty. Handling my own relationship gives me the chills even thinking about what happend. If helping myself doesn't ease the pain at all, the least that I can do is help others and and this way I can realize my own mistakes and be happy that I didn't let it conquer my whole being. 

It was hard to go through that thing but it was good, because it made me realize that it's just how things are. I voice out teenagers love problems and I am happy to help them in ways like a friend would do.




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