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I lived the American Dream, warts and all. I cleaned houses with my mom, had a deadbeat dad, a brother with severe ADD, asthma, and learning disabilities--all in the 1970's before we had more information on those things.

I Was Raised Christian

I was raised with Christian values and hold them deeply, but am deeply disturbed when I see people using religion(s) as an excuse for unethical behaviors.

After pursuing a career as switchboard operator/rock and roller in my 20s, I ended up in college (a laugh since I failed PE and thus never graduated high school).

I Was Married To An Alcoholic

My rock and roll husband of ten years became an alcoholic and then a junkie.

It took a toll on my self esteem, and it seemed like every accomplishment I did was taken as a personal insult by him. We divorced in 1993.

After rebounding with an even worse man twenty years my senior, I started to figure it out. I am now in a happy relationship of eight years--but it came through lots of communication and hard work on both sides.

My Philosophy: It Takes Work

I think the most important thing in a relationship is that both people have to be ready to step up to the plate and make it work.

Now at 37, I've ended up with a Ph.D. and currently teach sociology in southern California.




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