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Before beginning my own web site,, I was an ice skating teacher in the Boston area, worked as a legal assistant, had my own desk-top publishing business, served as an office assistant to the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Boston, acted as an information systems operator for General Electric's Information Service, a pianist, seamstress, a fisher woman, gardener and interior designer.

But, it was my experience working as a poet for and my love of the written and romantic word that led to the creation of

A Great American Family

I was born to a great American family. I had everything a girl could want, loving parents, friends, beautiful home and terrific school.

I Lost My Father In An Accident

But on the eve of my teenage years, I lost her father in a tragic accident. This had a significant effect on me, particularly regarding my dating behavior in my teen and early adulthood years. 

I searched tirelessly for someone who would bring me the qualities I had appreciated in my father!  All of the standard methods were tried and found wanting.

Unfortunately, none of the men that I encountered could measure up to the high standard set by her father.

I Met My Husband Through

Finally, after many years and plenty of difficult experiences, I found the man of my wildest dreams through the Boston It was my joyful experience to meet Roger, who recently became my loving husband. We now live in the Boston area.




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