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I live in Ontario, Canada (eh!)

I'm 15 and am not currently in a relationship. I recently had to end a relationship with someone two years older than me because he wanted to have sex and I didn't.

I also had to end another relationship because of this issue too (I swear teenage guys can get really out of control!)

I'm A Virgin, Waiting For The Right One

I figure I have my whole life to have sex, and would like to save it for someone I really care about. That person could come along tomorrow, or in five years from now.
I have had one good relationship, and it wasn't with someone I was 'dating'. He is still my best friend to this day, and the trust and communication we have is absolutely amazing. Plus that great teenage sexual tension adds a fun mix!

I Believe In Trust, Loyalty and Honesty

I believe that there are many different kinds of relationships, and every one has a different philosophy.
I'm young and my views change, but I will always have some constants. I think a true relationship is built on trust, loyalty, honesty, and a whole lot of love. I think I picked that up from my parents...they've been married forever.

I am young (haha very young!) but I know exactly who I am.
I love myself for the complete person that I am, something that not many other 15 year olds can say.

I have had friends that have been raped, (nearly been raped myself...), gotten pregnant, decided not to have sex before marriage because of their beliefs,and that are just trying to find themselves.

I'm not sure how my view would be different from the other panelists, to me it would completely depend on the questions being asked. I have been subjected to such a wide array of different situations in my few years of life that I have different views and opinions on everything.




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