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Victoria's Bio:

I'm a 16-year-old female from Michigan. Now don't hurry up and avoid all my advice just because of my age...that's not fair. Many people come to me for advice, including my friends and family.

For a short time I owned an online advice column but then Angelfire (the Lycos host) decided to delete my account for no apparent reason, which made me angry enough not to try again.

Enough babbling though - you probably want to hear a little about me, my beliefs, my philosophy on life, etc. I get pretty good grades in school. My strong subjects are English and Literature and my weak subject is Math.

I'm A Good Student

My grade point average at my public high school is 3.6667 on a 4.0 scale and some of my biggest hobbies are writing poetry, short stories, lyrics, and skits. Music also plays a big part in my life.

I was brought up a non-denominational Christian. This means that my parents are two different religions and wanted me to decide for myself what I want to be. For awhile I attended my dad's Catholic church, and for another short while my mom's Baptist church.

I now attend a non-denominational church. I do not go by strict religious rules such as no pre-marital sex or anything like that. Which brings me to my first philosophy.

God Forgives Those Who Ask For It

God forgives whoever asks for it and whoever is willing to make a full commitment not to do it again. I have had two serious relationships: my last one, and the one I am in now.

My last one was emotionally abusive and I am still recovering and learning from it. The one I am in now is going on 9 beautiful months and I am happily in love with a boy I've grown to love, trust, and honor with all my heart. His name is Bryan. You will probably hear me talk of my last relationship (with Ruskin) many times throughout offering advice, since I have learned and grown so much from it. From Ruskin I have learned, you never stop loving someone. You simply learn to live without them.

I Want To Be A Counselor

In the future I plan on attending a maximum of 6 years in college, majoring in English and/or Psychology and minoring in Spanish and/or Business Management. I am highly interested in becoming some sort of writer some day, but also equally interested in becoming a counselor of some sort.

I also plan on one day becoming a mother of 2 and being financially stable, but I suppose that last part is everyone's wish :)

With all this in mind, I leave you with two last philosophies that were also adopted from my last relationship. Always be a first rate version of yourself, and not a second rate version of someone else. You're on the right path when it's the choice you didn't want to chose.




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