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I'm 24, kind of single, raised in Canada, done with University, and working as a software developer.

I'm Kind Of Single

The "kind of single" probably arouses your curiosity, to make a story short, here's the scoop. I'm a sensitive and caring guy, I care about others' feelings more my own. I've broken up my 3+ years relationship but my "ex" doesn't really want to end it, hence I'm investing a great deal of time with her trying to ease the "transition".

Point of View: Savour Every Moment In Life

My family is relatively conservative in my upbringing, as such, preferred that I do not date until I finished my studies. I understand their point of view, but being raised in Canada and being exposed to the openness of Canadians, I knew I owed it to myself to live life to the fullest, to enjoy and savour every moment in life, and to brighten up other people's lives.

Call me a "rebel" if you want, but I truly believe in following your heart and doing what's right and fair. People who know me perceive me as having a analytical and logical way of thinking, which is true, but I understand that some things can't be analyzed in a logical way such as relationships.

If I'm too blunt in my responses, I apologize for being too straight forward. If I'm wrong in my responses, I apologize for trying to help. But if I'm right, I'm glad I can help.




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