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Both Sides Archive

Previous Both Sides Questions (where each party in the relationship tells us their side):

Why don't guys get Valentine's Day?

How do I overcome the temptation?

How do we get her parents to lighten up?

Why won't he leave me alone?

Why does he always feel the need to leave?

Do two wrongs make a right?

Should I leave Romeo to stay with my cheating husband?

How do I trust a guy who betrayed me twice?

Should we move in together?

How can I fix this marriage?

Should I give him yet another chance?

He says he's finally changed. Should I trust him?

Balancing holidays, family, and a relationship

Ask the Panel a Both Sides Question

Are you confused about what the other person is thinking? Tell us the story of your relationship. We then email the OTHER person in the relationship and ask if they would like to tell their side of the story .You can then either ask for general feedback, or ask a specific question.



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